Wednesday, 6 March 2013

'Devil nurse' poses with dead patient then posts the pictures on Facebook

'I'm the soul thief': 'Devil nurse' poses with dead patient -then posts the pictures on Facebook and asks friends to guess 'if she is alive'

  • The woman posted pictures of the apparently dead patient lying in a bed
  • She asked friends to guess whether the patient was alive or dead and then called herself the 'soul thief' and posted other comments saying 'Hail Satan'
  • Authorities in St Gallen, Switzerland, have now launched an investigation
A 'nurse' is being investigated after posting pictures on Facebook of herself standing over an apparently dead patient and asking people to guess if she is alive.
The woman, who was dressed in a nurse's uniform, called herself the 'soul thief' and also posted comments including 'Hail Satan'.
Authorities in St Gallen, Switzerland, about 85km from Zurich, have now launched an investigation and the public prosecutor said they will then decide whether to press charges.
In one comment the woman wrote: 'Guess she is asleep or is she dead? Hint: I'm the soul thief', according to Swiss news site 20 Minuten.
In another she reportedly wrote: 'Yeah, your time is over. Send them to hell, where some of them belong. The rest goes into a hole for compost fertiliser, hehehe.'
The identity of the woman and the patient have not been revealed.
Officials are investigating in which nursing or retirement home the photographs were taken.
Local media said her Facebook page is full of Satanic symbols and she is friends with more than 2,000 people.
Other photographs allegedly include scenes of torture.
The woman, who goes by the name Ghostinthedark Satania Blaze on the social network site, put four pictures up of the patient lying in a bed, including close ups of the woman's face.
In one she is seen leaning on the patient's pillow and smiling.
When other Facebook users questioned the woman, she wrote: 'I can put anything I want in my Facebook'.
One user wrote: 'Why you put on fb a picture like this? Your boss at work know that?'
Another wrote: 'That's messed up and sad at the same time.'
But the woman retorted: 'Death is normal people die all the time!'
Other pictures show the woman posing in the snow in front of an ambulance and in others she is dressed in a rubber nurse's uniform with a wall full of sadomasochistic instruments.
Matthias Mayrhofer, from the Swiss 'Office for Social Matters', told 20 Minuten: 'We [will consider] concrete action but only if we can know which home of what nursing is concerned.'
Margrit Kessler, a member of the Swiss National Council, told the website that rights of a patient have already been 'most severely injured' and called for a criminal investigation.
She said a lack of nursing staff mean that the applications of nurses are not always properly reviewed.
The Swiss Association of Nurses says it is 'shocked and upset' by the pictures.

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