Sunday, 17 March 2013

British Actor 'Jason Dear' Reprimands Vivian in Shameful Deceit.

Jason Dear  qualified in drama at City Lit in June 2011 and has appeared in many feature and short films. Jason's acting career started in January 2009 where his first role was as the lead actor in Arabian Nights. As Jason's passion for acting grew, he performed as a resident actor at the Space Theatre in East London. Jason qualified at City Lit and was trained at LAMDA and has since presented for TV and has been in many films amongst  which, he has appeared in Britney Spears music video, TV advertisements, and had a red carpet premiere in Leicester Square for the film Amina. In 2012, Jason completed his Fighting for Film training and has since choreographed and performed in fighting scenes in films such as One Bear, Combustion Boys, and Gallows. Jason has just finished filming"Shameful Deceit"A film produced by Theodora Ibekwe, Directed by Ruke Amata, Screen play  by Evelyn Obahor and Cinematography by Nelson spyk. 

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