Monday, 24 June 2013

Shameful Deceit Movie Press conference Organised by My Trinity Magazine

As Africans, one of the first things, we've been taught is not to disgrace our family, at whatever cost. We grow up with that mentality and unfortunately this means a lot of things are swept under the carpet at home. We cling onto taboos and limit ourselves in educating lives on the controversial issue we refuse to acknowledge as most talk about. We'd rather hide things under the surface and fake a smile and pretend everything is okay so "my neighbour doesn't laugh at me."
I went to a screening of a new Nollywood movie Shameful Deceit and after briefly watching and speaking to the producers, cast and crew, etc. I whole heartedly applaud the whole crew on the storyline and the whole idea behind the movie.
African movies have a trend of imitation-no offence intended to anyone- but I personally find myself knowing how the story will unfold before it begins!
With shameful deceit, I was intrigued, shocked, interested and happy, even happy that issues like this are being exposed to our audiences, communities, people, and the world!
Finally, a movie with a message! Educational message! Not another love story!
The movie achieved its aim of raising awareness on controversial issues that we refuse to talk about because we're scared of what people will say and in most cases, the victims are made to believe that they are actually the offender, and it's their fault... The movie does a good job of erasing that theory and also advising victims of what they can do to get help if they find themselves in such situations...
Want a movie that's going to shock you and educate you? Are you  tired of watching love sick men and women and want to hear a silenced angle of our culture? How shameful can a deceit be? “Shameful deceit” a must watch film.
This movie was produced by Theodora Ibekwe and Directed by Ruke Amata,The London Premiere of this movie will take place on the 5th of July,2013@ the Odeon Cinema in Greenwich, Red carpet starts at 8pm.
Written By  Sunday Olorunshola & Haddy Ndure
( Courtesy of  Mytrinity Magazine)

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