Friday, 14 June 2013

8 Things Sex Can Do

1.It makes some people religious = Oh my God, Yes Lord.

2. It gives some people their first musical lessons = mmmm, aaaaah, ooooo, asssshhh

3.Makes some people natural observers = fast, fasterrrr!!!,yeah fastestttt

4. Makes some people anounce their own obituary = U are killing me, I'm dead, I'm finished, u will kil me ooo

5.Makes some ladies become terrorists = Destroy it!, don't have any mercy, Just tear it.

6.Others become respectful = I promise, okay, yes I will

7.Makes some people become loyal =Luv u endlessly,...u own my life,... am urs forever,...u are my world.

8.Makes some ladies turn beggers=yeah pls don't stop,... continue pls,...give it to me... Please do it again.Where do u belong?

How is day going Friends!

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